Integrated IT Systems

Transform your operations and your results

Impartial advice on IT and communications systems

system design and implementation from data integration specialists.

IT Company - Managed IT Services for Business

We provide and support IT systems with independent advice across all major technologies.

We work like an in-house IT department but flexibly, or as an extension to your existing team.

We work comprehensively across IT networks, broadband connectivity, marketing technology (guest WiFi, WiFi marketing, and websites), and software applications for business efficiency. Our software includes VoIP phone systems, G Suite software (all office applications) and its customisation, implementation and training.

We improve business operations by designing, installing and managing business IT systems. We work across Teesside, Yorkshire and North East England.


Because we are independent specialists in B2B IT and communications technology, we can support any existing network, helping you to get the most out of it. This makes us different from other IT companies that work only in a particular technology.


If you need impartial advice on IT and communications systems, system design and implementation then it will always be advantageous to contact us. We are certain that we can add value to what you are doing.

IT Support

With a tailor-made system we have all the knowledge necessary to respond quickly to any support request.

Google G-Suite

G Suite runs completely in your browser, as well as being able to do everything an office system needs to, plus nothing to install.

Guest WiFi

Fast, reliable WiFi to give your guests an experience that reflects well on your brand with permission based marketing and audience insight.


As a key component of any company’s marketing activity, it’s worth getting right. We develop an attractive content managed site to use for your content marketing


Telecoms and IT systems integrated. Flexible call routing, know who the customer is when you answer with a company wide shared phonebook.

Fibre Broadband

Businesses rely on broadband. We believe it’s critical, so we’ve sourced the best option available which we install for our clients.


Industry leading levels of security, endpoint protection and Cyber Security Essentials certification for your organisation.

We can help!

As data and systems integration specialists, we can make your systems ‘talk’ to one another.

We have also developed our own software for specific business applications. With these we can directly support our clients locally, as it’s our own platform, and we can ensure security. But you are not limited by this – we will work with any technology that is right for your company.

Free review service

Let us demonstrate how we can help you, in terms of efficiency, increased functionality and lower costs. We just need an hour of your time, and an open conversation (and preferably coffee). We’ll make it worthwhile by providing some useful suggestions on getting the most out of your business technology.

Free review service

IT Managed Services

We don’t just supply technology – we manage systems and support our clients. 

Gbiz is a B2B specialist in: 

  • Integrated experience for staff and customers.
  • Integration of business process, systems (IT and communications) and data.
  • Systems for business operations – designed from scratch using relevant technology.

With us you will have:

  • No more hardware than you absolutely need. 
  • Much lower risk of failure.
  • Less on-site storage and associated space and risk.
  • Fewer systems.
  • Software that is simpler to operate.
  • Certainty on cost.
  • Expert advice.

Get a quote

We’d love to share with you, not just how much our services cost, but how much we can save you on hardware and software, either through better configuration and use, or integration, or removing unnecessary hardware and bloat within it. 

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